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Last May alleged floorball dwarf Canada hosted the U19 Women’s WFC. And the guys did a fantastic job. The opening game between the home team and Japan filled the Yardmen Arena in Belleville, Ontario, with 3.151 fans. And there was more to come.

In total the organizers counted 15.799 spectators, shattering the record of 11.725 held by the previous tournament in Zbasyn, Poland. With 33 games played that meant an average number of 479 spectators per match. 60 more then in Poland. Actually this rate even broke the record of the best Men’s U19 tournament. Hamburg, Germany, reached 458 spectators per match in 2013.

He couldn’t be happier that this 3 year project was such a success, said event organizer Brett Davis to quintenews.com. Now he would not rule out the possibility of applying for other World Championships in the future.

The next big IFF event will be the Men’s WFC, taking place this December in Riga, Latvia. The Men’s U19 WFC in 2017 will be held in Sweden and the next Women’s U19 WFC in 2018 in Switzerland.

WATCH: Kathryn Kennedy’s opening goal against Japan

Excerpt photo by Aaron Bell/ActiveImages.ca/IFF