Finally your sleepless nights come to an end. You definitely wondered what this beautiful circle in our logo means. Is it the Eye of Sauron? Is it the replica of our webmaster’s nose piercing? Yes, it’s both and much more. You’re free to pick the idea you like the most.

As simple logo fonts are boring nowadays we decided to add an element, that would carry some special deep meaning… and would be practical for graphic solutions where we don’t have enough space for the whole logo.

So we were thinking and thinking and thinking and while we were doing so one of us started spinning on his office chair. Suddenly we saw circles all around and so many associations came up that we didn’t know which story to tell. Here are five possibilities, that definitely make sense. The rest we leave up to your own imagination.

1. The circle embodies the degree symbol. It points out that you can only become a great floorball player if you control everything around you, in 360°.

2. The circle embodies a floorball moving and levitating all the time. A part of every story we write.

3. The circle embodies an eye watching everything going on in this crazy world our ours.

4. The circle embodies teamwork, as it depicts a bunch of players getting together before a match.

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5. The circle embodies a target, helping you to aim at what really matters on and off the floorball field.

6. The circle embodies the view into an empty coffee cup after our editors finished their stories at 3 a.m.

7. The circle embodies the globe itself. We don’t cover the magic of floorball only in one particular region. For you we travel around the whole planet to keep you up to date.

8. The circle embodies the face off spot, where the magic of every game begins.

9. The circle embodies a footnote. Floorball is not just about headlines. It’s also about the hidden notes.