Unihoc’s MyMove was the most successful campaign in floorball history. Real or fake? Who cares. Here you’ll find all 14 clips with Kohonen, Wijk & Co.

MyMove: Wijk/Östholm/Samuelsson & The Final Move

MyMove: Anna Wijk & The Candles

MyMove: Eero Kosonen Throwing Things

MyMove: Henrik Stenberg & The Drone

MyMove: Manuel Engel & The Sprint

MyMove: Mika Kohonen & The Water Bottle

MyMove: Johan Samuelsson & The Car

MyMove: Martin Östholm & The Watermelon

MyMove: The Liseberg Challenge

MyMove: The Gothia Towers Challenge

MyMove: The Scandinavium Arena Challenge

MyMove: Johan Samuelsson

MyMove: Kim Nilsson

MyMove: Martin Östholm