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Something very special happened this weekend. Sweden lost an international tournament final. Twice. And Finland won. Twice, as well. The World University Championship were hosted by Porto, Portugal, and they offered an outstanding competition.

Though trailing already 0:4, the Finnish male team didn’t just equalize in regular time. In the 65th minute Talvitie decided the final against Sweden with the golden goal. The Finnish ladies were trailing and equalizing in regular time, too. After a goalless overtime period, penalties decided about the winner. Kippilä, Alanko and Lirkki scored for Finland, Sweden succeeded only once. Double gold for Suomi.

Ein von Miksu (@miksulax) gepostetes Foto am

In the male bronze medal match Switzerland defeated the Czech Republic (3:1), in the female edition, vice versa. The Czech ladies won against the Swiss (5:4). The biggest surprise was the 7th place by Portugal. The home team won three matches including the placement games against Korea (6:3) and Japan (5:3).

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