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The Swedish SSL is giving more and more room to Czech talents. Martin Tokos is one of them. Moving from Dalen to Falun, the career of the 25-year-old is on a steep rise. “You have to deserve their respect on the field”, he says.

Floorballmag: Martin, you’ve played some seasons in the SSL already. Now your transfer to Falun. How did that happen?

Well, just before the playoffs I couldn’t wait any longer for a decision by Dalen. It was close the end of the season and they didn’t seem to be interested to prolong my contract. So I approached JACT, my agency, to help me find a new team. Falun was the only club wanting to sign me and they immediately sent the contract. Then, after we got eliminated from the playoffs with Dalen, I signed. I guess, it would be a great mistake not going there. It’s a dream coming true.

Falun is a top class club. Not defending the title last season seemed to have hurt a bit.

Falun is a team of highest ambitions, of course. And that’s what I like about it. In the Czech republic we say, everything bad is also good in another way. The team will be hungry again.

And you personally?

I want to make the cut, get a lot of playing time and give as much back as possible.

When a Czech player gets the opportunity to play in the SSL, what kind of personal development should he focus on especially?

That depends on his abilities. But the competition demands from you to become a complex player. The SSL is somewhere totally else regarding that. The speed, the intensity and the training load, of course. But you’ll learn to deal with that. In Sweden the staffs are full of experienced coaches and even without having played a match yet, this will give you a lot. They show and explain every detail you have to improve.

What about the locker room culture? There might be some differences to your Czech clubs, right?

So far, I was kind of lucky, that the atmosphere in Dalen was pretty close to the one in Vitkovice. Great guys, helpful, no problems. It was kind of familiar. So I’m curious what it will be like in Falun. But I don’t think it will differ much. It’s more about accepting me as a Czech player. And that’s up to me. You have to deserve their respect on the field.

You’ll be the first and the only Czech player in Falun. Won’t you be missing your mate Patrick Suchanek?

Well, with Patrick we’re best friends. We’ve known each other for so long. We started in the junior teams of Vitkovice together, played in the national team, then in Dalen. But that’s sports, you know. We’ll stay in contact as we did with Milan Tomasik after he left. Thanks to Skype.

Now, how comes there are more and more Czech players succeeding in the SSL, but the national team is still lagging behind?

To be honest, I have no idea. I guess it’s about this mass of players that the Swedish coaches can pick from. Czechs are getting their chances, but it will still take its time. Of course, it’s the right thing to do for the guys to move out and learn. If you feel you won’t develop any further in the Czech league, you have to go. But we’re still only few compared to the swedish roster. That team is full of guys who rule the SSL.

In December the WFC will take place in Riga. What goals are realistic for the Czech team?

You always want to reach the final, of course. We could surprise if we face Finland in the semis. It would be just one match and it could happen. In 2014 we made our best game against them and it was just about some particular mistakes. In the end the match got decided by their better power play game. However, the medal is always our goal and if we arrive in our best shape, we can reach a lot.

Name: Martin Tokoš
Nickname: Toki
Jersey no.: 20
Position: Right Forward
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Stick: Exel
Shoes: Adidas