Recently Unihoc released its new Epic series. 14 models that shall be able to satisfy the taste of every floorball player. A gamble that might work out.

This summer Unihoc relaunched its website, finally bringing it up to date with the needs of the 21st century. The rising popularity of Unihoc’s hipper sister Zone forced the brand to take action. And it did. The release of the brand new Epic series could give Unihoc a push in all segments.

The core of the line is the new Epic blade. “It’s a combination between the very concave and pre-hooked Unity blade and the straighter Replayer blade, which has a very small concavity”, describes Johan Jihde, Product Manager at Unihoc.

Around this blade Unihoc built a variety of 14 floorball sticks, ranging from the high-end TeXtreme Curve models all the way down to junior sticks with the EPIC Youngster blade. As allrounder models are selling better and better, the easy to play Epic blade could become a success.

Unihoc’s new series offers a wide price range. For example the Epic 32 model (80, 87 and 92 cm at 230 g) is being labeled with a Swedish RRP of 500 sek (53 €), the Epic Super Top Light (96, 100 and 104 cm at 210 g) with 1.400 sek (150 €). The most expensive model, the Unihoc Epic TeXtreme Curve 1.0° 26 (96, 100 and 104 cm) ends up at 1.900 sek (200 €).

3 of 14 models - Epic 32, Super Top Light and TeXtreme Curve 1.0° 26.
3 of 14 models – Epic 32, Super Top Light and TeXtreme Curve 1.0° 26.

Discover the whole Epic series at the official website of Unihoc.