We dived into the deep sea of Instagram and selected 25 profiles you must follow if you want to understand what this show is all about. Long beards, crazy tattoos and beautiful eyes. You know you want it.

1. Johan Samuelsson (@johsam2)

Because you must not take yourself too seriously, even when you’re the captain of the Swedish national team.

2. Ella Alanko (@ellaalanko)

Because she’s a fantastic player, because she’s a surfer and because you’ll loose yourself in her blue eyes.

3. Thomas Holmgren (@thomasholmgren13)

Because he’s the f#%§ing king of beards.

4. Jon Hedlund (@jonhedlund)

Because he’s a legend and you wanna see his bloody fingers.

5. Diego Digge Wijkander (@diegodigge)

Because he’s the floorball king of Instagram and he’ll teach you some lesson.

6. Fredrik Holtz (@holtzholtz)

Because he’ll show you more than you wanna see.

7. Juha Kivilehto (@juhakivilehto)

Because you need to see Kivilehto in action as an ice-hockey goalie.

8. Anna Wijk (@annawijk)

Because she really enjoys the life of world’s best female floorball player.

Ein von Anna Wijk (@annawijk) gepostetes Foto am

9. Ketil Kronberg (@ketilcamp)

Because this profile indicates Kronberg might be a real human being.

10. Kim Nilsson (@kimnilsson70)

Because that’s as good as it gets if you become a floorball superstar.

11. David Rytych (@davidrytych)

Because you’ll follow the way of a fighter and because he’s making selfies with Dominik Hasek.

12. Martin Östholm (@m_ostholm11)

Because it teaches us that behind that brutal shot there is soft guy who likes wearing tights.

13. Mikko Kohonen (@mikkokohonen)

Because of all that swag, that will flow out of your display.

14. Patrik Aman (@patrikaman)

Because you might want to follow a (former) world class goalie und sports journalist in one take.

15. Robin Nilsberth (@robinnilsberth)

Because he’s the best defender of the Superligan, because he’s getting better all the time and because he look’s like Zlatan and he knows it.

16. Adam Stegl (@adamstegl)

Because he’s probably the only Czech hipster in town and he’s a hell of a player.

Ein von adamstegl (@adamstegl) gepostetes Foto am

17. Therése Karlsson (@tessk4)

Because she loves the game and the game loves her.

18. Viktor Klintsten (@viktorklintsten)

Because he’s the best goalie in the world right now and you want to have his hair. Even when you’re a girl.

19. Patrik Suchanek (@patrik_suchanek)

Because he’s living the dream of every young Czech floorball player.

20. Roman Pass (@romanpass)

Because he might bring Holmgren’s beard thing to a new level.

Ein von Romi (@romanpass) gepostetes Foto am

Other great profiles we couldn’t embed:

21. Mattias Samuelsson (@msamuelsson13)

Because he knows what Instagram is all about and because of a special picture of Rasmus Sundstedt wearing a hat.

22. Billy Nilsson (@billynilssonjr)

Because you come for the haircut and you stay for rest.

23. Alexander Galante Carlström (@galantecarlstrom)

Because he’s scoring like you never will. And we’re talking about fishing.

24. Rasmus Sundstedt (@rasmussundstedt)

Because he’s having some really great time and a slightly creepy tattoo. And because of that picture of Mattias Samuelsson looking like a Trainspotting character.

25. Rasmus Enström (@r_e7)

Really!? Because it’s Rasmus Enström.

Do you know great profiles we forgot?