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This spring Innebandymagazinet crowned Rasmus Enström player of the year. For the second time. The career of the 26-year-old forward goes hand in hand with Sweden’s resurrection as world’s strongest floorball nation. A portrait.

Falun’s rise

Swedish Superfinal 2013. Malmö. 10.000 spectators. Falun leads 3:2. Dalen with pressure. Falun’s keeper Rehn repeats miraculous saves. Then Rasmus Enström receives the ball. Captain with 22 years. He dangles and dekes and no opponent can stop him.

Then a hard hit. Whistle. Free shot. Alexander Galante Carlström walks to the ball. Short step to the side, shot, goal. The beginning of an era, of a new age (watch video). Falun will defend its title in 2014. And in 2015, too. And win the Champions Cup. Three times as well.

In shooting mode. / Photo: Per Wiklund
In shooting mode. / Photo: Per Wiklund

On the top

“It was a long process. Each year one step forward”, says Enström. Faluns player politics paid off. After building up a strong offense, the club added some solid defenders and grew into Sweden’s strongest team. Today Falun is a complete club, but the dependency on the performances of its “duo infernale” seems evident.

“No”, Enström disagrees. “Many believe, that we make the difference. Sure, we score most of the goals, but to succeed, our team needs players like Johannes Larsson, Thomas Holmgren or Ciya Hajo in the same way.”

In 2016 Falun got eliminated in the semis already, by the soon-to-be champions of Storvreta. “That was a failure”, admits Enström. “We had way too many injuries. So the lesson is to train harder and stay healthy all the way.”

Dedicated Enström fans. / Photo by Florian Büchting
Dedicated Enström fans. / Photo by Florian Büchting

“Supernatural skills”

To Henrik Jansson, editor of the swedish Innebandymagazinet, it’s almost impossible to name Enströms strongest feature. Maybe his screening of the ball, his almost supernatural technical skills or his incredibly accurate shots (for proof watch video). “His development was outstanding and now he takes over responsibility, exactly when his team needs it”, says Jansson.

But a major part of Enström’s success is his synergy with star sniper Alexander Galante Carlström. Enström directs and passes, Galante Carlström shoots and scores. Those who know their story have no reason to wonder, where all that comes from.

Thanks to his brother, Enström started playing floorball at the age of four at Raby BK. As a junior, around the age of 13, he came to Västerås and met Galante Carlström. They became an unstoppable couple, on and of the field, and moved to Falun.

The secret behind their incredible interplay? “Easy. We think floorball the same way”, explains Enström with a smile on his face.

Brothers in arms - Enström and Galante Carlström. / Photo: Per Wiklund
Brothers in arms – Enström and Galante Carlström. / Photo: Per Wiklund

International success

Enströms international success starts in 2012. First, the odds are against him. Sweden had lost its WFC finals in 2008 and 2010. Finland is reigning World Champion and relies on its experienced but slightly too old team. Just before the tournament Galante Carlström twists his foot and has to be scratched off the roster.

But Enström puts up a magnificent show and Sweden (after a brutal 11:5 final win against Finland) wins the World Championship. The young supertalent also sets a new WFC record with 15 scored goals at a single tournament. Two years later Sweden defends its title. This time with Enström and Galante Carlström in the team.

In his free time Enström loves to play golf. Mainly during summer, he says. Though Galante Carlström is a dedicated fisherman, he joins his buddy on the course, too. They follow each other.

If you ask them about going to Switzerland one day, both call it an “option” for the future. “Time will tell”, says Enström. And regarding his age, he has a lot of it.

Name: Rasmus Enström
Nickname: Ralle
Jersey no.: 7
Position: Right Forward
Born: 17.11.1989
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Stick: Exel V100 with X-Blade
Shoes: Adidas
Instagram: @r_e7
Twitter: @enstrom7r