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By winning the elite category of this year’s Czech Open 2016 tournament Erä Viikingit might approach as the new powerhouse of international floorball.

Before their Prague participation Erä Viikingit played one friendly match. Not more. And they lost it. “We want to play well there [in Prague] while strengthening or creating, to be more precise, the team spirit”, said Executive Director Jari Oksanen before the tournament to czechopen.cz. The goal was winning as many games as possible.

They won almost all of them. Only one draw (3:3 group match against Pixbo) and eight wins, including a 4:2 success in the semis against Falun and a dominant, one-sided final performance against Höllviken. Hyvönen opened the score with a cool penalty shot and Tiito closed it with a sweet one-timer.

Experience in motion

By fusing the clubs of Tapanilan Erä and SSV Helsinki Oksanen and his colleagues have created a new daring superteam. Lead by greats such as Tiitu, Moilanen, Kapanen, Kukkola and others this new site might be dominating on national and international grounds soon.

Apart of Erä Viikingit actually finalist Höllviken was a positive surprise as well. The Superligan novice eliminated all ambitious home teams – Vitkovice, Mlada Boleslav and in the semis even Tatran.

Pixbo’s rollercoaster

On the contrary, the performances of Pixbo were as dry and heavy as the air of the main tournament hall. After losing Östholm due to a leg injury the team stumbled out of the competition even before reaching the play-off phase.

But the Red Foxes could rely on their ladies team which, after falling to SB-Pro in 2015, won its competition this year (4:3 against Vitkovice). Slightly surprising were the high losses of IBK Dalen (finishing at 10th place), which obviously sent something like it’s second team to Prague.

All together Prague hosted another sparkling event with inspiring winners in all other categories. For all results and impressions check the official tournament page or visit its picture gallery.