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With their new Series “Vision”, “Pure” and “Force” Exel offers every player type a different stick concept. Product manager Jaakko Aro explains how this concept works and how you can find your perfect stick.

“All sticks are divided into different player types based on their shaft technologies and blade features”, describes Jaakko Aro the process of series creation. As its the Vision series sticks are for playmakers, Pure series sticks are for all-rounders, Force series sticks are for shooters.

The most important role is being played by the blade. “Based on the feedback from our pro-players and their criterias when choosing a blade, we have connected blades to particular stick families”, explains Aro. As a result of that, the Vision series are equipped with the new Vision blade, the Pure series with the AIR blade and the Force series with the X-blade.

But what were the specific features of the blades, so they can be divided into player types? To Aro it’s basically the straightness of the backhand and the pre-curveness or the concavity of the forehand that have the strongest impact on a player’s preference.

Exel’s concept seems to work properly so far. With teams such as Warberg, Falun, Oilers, SPV or Wiler they will get enough air time in 2016/2017. The brands promotes it’s new series with their star players around Enström, Lax, Tiitu and Galante-Carlström and on their social media channels they installed the hashtag #ownyourgame.


VISION – The Playmaker Stick

– lightweight and optimal balance
– improved carbon shaft structure
– new Vision blade (straight backhand, low cavity)


PURE – The Allround Stick

– lightweight high level carbon shaft
– X3 TORQUE Technology makes shaft more resistant
– AIR blade featuring Double Rib System (DRS) for minimal air resistance


FORCE – The Shooter Stick

– deeper concavity
– precurved blade
– rigid structure for minimal energy loss while shooting

Discover more on the official website of Exel Floorball.