In our “Decoded” series we’ll try to explain you the magic behind the post popular floorball technologies. This time we focus on Zone’s rippled shaft.

With the Zuper Ripple Curve 1.0 F27, the Hyper Ripple Curve 2.0 F29 and the Supreme Ripple Air UL F29 Zone starts into season number four with its successful shaft technology. But what the idea behind Ripple in the beginning?

“We wanted to make a shaft that could flex more and so we tested different materials to get ideas”, remembers Kalle Brännberg, Creative Director at Zone. “Suddenly one in our crew thought of this. I think we got it from a flexing ski pole.”

The function of the rippled section just above the blade is to give the player an extra kick motion effect and to make his shot even harder. “The shaft is reinforced above this section to make it firm when you shoot”, says Brännberg. “The ripples will make the lower section flex and by this create that kick motion effect we are looking for.”

Ripple is meant for players that “either want to shoot harder or that need to pump their shot technique up a bit”. In the new 16/17 collection Zone will provide the technology with all three major blades – Hyper, Supreme and even Zuper – in lengths from 92 to 104 cm.

Ripple on the new Zuper, Hyper and Supreme sticks.
Ripple on the new Zuper, Hyper and Supreme sticks.