To promote a sports competition efficiently, you need a strong online presence. Hidden in the dull structure of the Swedish federation website the Superligan was not even close to that. Now the presumably strongest league in the world launched its new web portal. And it’s more then disappointing.

With the start of the new Superligan season the competition’s management presented its new website at It was developed by Sports Editing Sweden AB, an agency specialized on this kind of digital channels.

“For many years we had the privilege to work with the SHL and Hockeyallsvenskan and to support the Swedish ice hockey. To start a new journey together with SSL now is a great challenge in several ways and we see great potential in this cooperation and in floorball in particular”, said Andreas Brännström, CEO of Sports Editing Sweden in the SSL’s press release post.

Unfortunately, the new website is far away of meeting expected standards. In fact, it’s not more than a shallow blog. Apart of regular articles (which are not even categorized) you won’t find any progressive social media integration or any valuable statistical content.

Results are listed on a single page without any option to call up the match reports. You also won’t find any club information there as all club icons link to the hompages of the clubs. The valuable video platform of SSLplay isn’t integrated either.

Of course, competitions such as the NHL, the NBA or even the PSA have more money to work with. But every second local club can get a proper digital face thanks to all the Open Source CMS’s out there. Besides, if floorball really wants to present itself as the sport of the future, it should communicate that way. And if you need support, ask the Czechs.

So far looks like being too late to the party. There is no comment about it, but perhaps all those missed features will be added during the running season and the website will match the expectations one should have on the presumably strongest league in the world.