Do you know the lightest floorball stick in the world? We’ve compared the latest superlight models produced by the biggest brands on the market. And we have some really nice competition going on here.

It’s not as easy as one might think. To create a superlight floorball stick you don’t only need superlight carbon. You also have to know how to set up its structure, how to work with layers, what thickness to choose, how to balance the stick, and so on. If you mess up, your stick might break too easily or you won’t get the proper feel.

The top brands know what it’s all about. This season Fat Pipe managed to bring the lightest stick on the market once again. The Raw Concept 27 is with 177 g just one gram lighter than Salming’s new CarbonX line. But the competition stays strong. Unihoc has implemented its unique TeXtreme technology into a whole bunch of superlight series, Zone offers excellent pricing and Exel ads a proper technology. It’s your choice.


Exel Pure P100 2.6

With 220 g Exel’s Pure P100 2.6 might not be the lightest of our listed sticks, but apart of a low weight it also offers the X3 Torque Technology – a shaft technology increasing overall precision. This model’s P100 line comes with various flex variations (23, 26 and 29 mm) in different lengths (from 92 to 103 cm).

Weight: 220 g (101 cm)
Lengths: 101 and 103 cm
Flex: 26
Shape: 101 cm round, 103 cm oval
Blade: Air Blade SB
Grip: DGS Grip System
Price RRP: 149 €


Fat Pipe Raw Concept 27

Fat Pipe’s black and white beauty is statistically the lightest floorball stick in the world! To spare mass the shaft is being produced out of 11 layers of carbon fiber, each only 7 mm thin. The reduced Superlight RAW grip weights at least 12 % less then Fat Pipe’s other standard grips and keeps the stick in optimal balance.

Weight: 177 g
Lengths: 96, 101 cm
Flex: 27
Shape: Round
Blade: Jab & Orc
Grip: RAW Concept Grip
Price MCO: 149 €


Oxdog Viper Superlight 27

Oxdog’s superlight models might not reach the superlight numbers of other brands. However, the Oxdog Viper SL 27 is a technology packed weapon. Blow molded, Carbon 2200 material, Shaftkick Ultra Fast, a carbon polymer blade and you can chose between round and oval grips. Apart of that, with Oxdog’s SBS (Stick Balance System) you can even adjust your stick’s balance.

Weight: ca. 250 g (at 101 cm)
Lengths: 101 cm
Flex: 26
Shape: Round and oval
Blade: Oval Avox MBC (medium blade carbon), round Avox NBC (normal blade carbon)
Grip: Oval W1P-grip (Wrap+1piece), round DW-grip (double wrap)
Price MCO: 139 €


Salming Quest 1 CarbonX

This summer Salming introduced its new CarbonX shafts. A new carbon compound lowering the weight of sticks bellow 180 g. Salming’s Quest 1 CarbonX, in a slick minimalistic black-pink design, is being produced in three different lengths and equipped with the brands best selling blade.

Weight: 178 g
Lengths: 96, 10 and 103 cm
Flex: 27
Shape: Round
Blade: Quest 1
Grip: Tourlite+
Price RRP: 159 €


Unihoc Replayer TeXtreme Feather Light 26

Unihoc introduced its high-end TeXtreme Series last year already and developed it further by implementing this technology into curved sticks, too. Coming from the Formula 1 car developemt Unihoc’s TeXtreme carbon sticks aim at low weight, maximum durability and fine-tuned balance.

Weight: 185 g
Lengths: 96, 100 and 104 cm
Flex: 26
Shape: Round
Blade: Replayer Feather Light
Grip: TeXtreme grip
Price RRP: 179 €


Zone Supreme Air SL 27

Zone’s lightest stick, the Supreme Air SL 27, might end up slightly above the 200 g mark, but it will definitely do a favor to your bank account. As most superlight sticks top 150 €, Zone’s “ice blue” model is being sold for something around 109 € already. And by the way, Zone announced a new superlight model for October already.

Weight: 202 g
Lengths: 96, 100 and 104 cm
Flex: 27
Shape: Round
Blade: Supreme Air Soft
Grip: Air grip
Price RRP: 109 €

Information: The weight value generally refers to a stick length of 96 cm. The price is either the official recommended retail price of the brand (“Price RRP”) or an average value calculated by the most common offer in online shops all over the world (“Price MCO”).