Finally floorball has its own little fantasy world. The new project has already launched and will be covering the coming WFC in Riga. So if no national coach nominated you, this is your chance to shine.

“Exploring the web, we saw that there was a lack of such games. Therefore, we saw no other option than to create and provide such a site!” said Jacek Izdebski, one of the creators of the FloorballFantasy, to So far around 1.000 players have already registered.

It’s pretty simple. After you registered for a free account and created your team, you get 650.000 € to play with. Now you have to build a team of 11 players while choosing out of all team lists of the upcoming WFC. One goalie, four defenders and six forwards.

This is what your team could look like. / Photo: Screenshot

If these players perform well during their real games, their value will rise and you will gather points. After each of the nine rounds you will have the possibility to transfer.

On a ranking page you will be able follow how your team performs in competition. At the end of the WFC the best fantasy players will be awarded with a 50 € gift card (1st place), two Unihoc grips (2nd) and a T-Shirt (3rd). You have to start somewhere, right?