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From now on the international floorball community has a new playground. Videos, features, interviews, product guides and a lot more. We give you the Floorballmag.

„Magazine for Floorball Culture“. Actually our claim says everything already. This great sport of ours is not just about scores and stats. It‘s about the passion inbetween.

We recommend you the best playlists for your next warm up and we teach you how to improve your lousy sweeper shot. We explain how your club can earn money with merchandising and what sticks will be trending this season. We talk to the biggest stars and to the greatest underdogs and we put you into the middle of everything.

So yes, sounds like fun. But besides the beautiful superficiality that we celebrate each and every day, we also focus on serious issues of the international floorball development and give important advices to players and teams on how to improve on all levels.

Our goal is to connect the floorball planet, to transfer knowledge, to tell stories noone else will tell and to have a great time while doing so. You‘re welcome to join us.

Jan Kratochvil

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Photo by Calle Ström

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